Our Mission:

  • Eliminating Critical Race Theory, DEI, and SEL in our Education system. They’re teaching kids to focus on race. They’re teaching non-white students that they’ll never get ahead or be successful because of white supremacy. They’re teaching white students to be ashamed of themselves because of their supposed white supremacy. It’s an indoctrination of our youth.
  • Eliminating Vaccine Passports and masks. Our health and our children’s health is our business, not our government and especially private business’ responsibility. If your vaccine works, you shouldn’t be worried if I have a mask on. If I choose for me or my family to enter a building or vehicle without a mask or vaccine, that’s our right. As far back as the circuit court ruling in Corfield v. Coryell6 Fed. Cas. 546 (1823), freedom of movement has been judicially recognized as a fundamental Constitutional right.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freedom_of_movement#United_States
  • Our Freedom of Speech. We’ve been restricted or eliminated on every big tech social media platform out there. If we say anything against the left agenda they silence us by labeling and calling us racists. That eliminates the possibility for any meaningful discussion or debate. The only way to reunify our country is to come together through meaningful discussion and debate.
  • Our Second Amendment Rights. The second amendment protects all the others. Our second amendment is under constant attack. Every time there’s a shooting, the gun is always to blame and therefore, “we need more gun control”. The gun in only a tool and criminals inherently don’t follow laws and no matter how many gun control laws we create, the bad guys won’t follow them. New gun control laws only harm us law abiding citizens.
  • Election Integrity. Anyone with a brain cell of common sense knows that the 2020 election was EXTREMELY questionable. We need to push our law makers to pass legislation that prevents what happened in 2020, to insure the integrity of our election results, to prevent hacking of our election machines, to insure the person voting is who they say they are, and to give confidence to the people in our elections again.

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